Repairs and Service

Dedicated Luthier for Repair & Service

Hébert Musique is proud to offer you one of the best repair services for musical instruments of all kinds in Quebec.

With a luthier on site, Hébert Musique has over 30 years of experience in the repair of musical instruments. In addition, for repairs that require major work, you can count on the services of André Audet, one of the best luthiers in the region.

You can get a full adjustment service for your guitars for as little as $ 79.99 ( Floyd Rose $ 99.99 )!

Full adjustment Included: Cleaning of the instrument, hydration of the fingerboard with lemon oil, verification of the screwing points, adjustment of the curvature of the neck and height of the strings, adjustment of the harmonics, cleaning of the electronic contacts need, re-polishing of the frets (+ $ 55.99), installation of new strings. Strings not included.

For elaborate repairs and adjustments, we can also count on André Audet, who is one of the best luthiers in the region.


André Audet has over thirty years of experience and expertise in design and fine-tuning of a multitude of stringed musical instruments: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, classical guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, Appalachian dulcimers, etc.


  • Correction of measurement errors
  • Leveling and polishing of frets
  • Compensated bridge nut
  • Compensated head nut
  • Optimization of the amplified functioning of acoustic instruments
  • Customization of adjustments
  • Superior quality adjustments


My goal is to optimize the operation of each of the instruments I repair as much as possible, by making personalized adjustments of precision, of superior quality to practically everything that is offered on the market. You have to try it to believe it and have a new experience with Sound.

With a few rare exceptions, string instruments found on the market do not use their full potential due to multiple faults, errors, or even lack of adjustments. These instruments are usually sold in a mediocre state or sometimes dismal in terms of adjustments, whether it is a guitar at $ 300, $ 800, or even $ 3000. It is for the luthier to identify, identify, and correct these faults. Once the work is done, the result of this metamorphosis is an instrument that sounds to the best of its potential, much more pleasant to play and hear.

Hébert Musique, Inc.