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For more than 27 years, we have diversified our activities related to music and sound, guitar lessons, rental of instruments, as well as audio devices and we have built a loyal clientele; in short, we are passionate. Thus, we have carried out countless events in the Quebec City region and its surroundings: Saint-Jean party, corporate events, press conferences, private shows, outdoor shows, etc.

We are now located at 2336 Chemin St-Foy, suite 4500, to offer you the best prices and the best service in Quebec! Hébert Musique started its instrument sales activities in 1995 in the Sainte-Foy Pyramid.

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Hebert Musique began selling musical instruments in 1995 and initially set up business in the Sainte-Foy Pyramid. In the years that followed, Hébert Music diversified its' music-related activities, sound equipment Range, services and also built a growing base of customers.

We can now be found at 2336 Ch Ste-Foy #4500, Ville de Québec, QC G1V 1S5.We are proud to offer our customers the best prices and music-related services in the city of Québec.

Hébert Musique, Inc.
Hébert Musique, Inc.

Offered Services

In addition to a nice inventory of musical instruments for sale, Hebert Musique offers professional sound and lighting services, music courses, and much more to meet your needs. We are proud to say that an innumerable number of music events in the Quebec City region realized with our professional services and equipment, including the Fête Nationale de Quebec, corporative events, press conferences, and outdoor as well as private shows.

So give us a call or pass by and see us for our expert advice. We'll be happy to answer your questions and courteously serve you.